• FLAME (saat senggang bersama dr soap)

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    Hello, I'm your hygiene-helper!

    Collaborating with dr soap, Saat Senggang aims to celebrate and appreciate women's productivity and creativity during their leisure time. Together we aim to empower women by proving that productivity has no boundaries nor age limit. Our partners vary from housewives, business women, non-working age women, embroidery communities, to an orphanage and a nursing home.

    Fun fact: The holder is handmade out of the unused excess yarns from Saat Senggang's knitted bag production. By turning the waste into something useful, we both aim to stay true to our vision as conscious brands.

    We believe that dr soap and Saat Senggang share the same principle. Just as how dr soap care a great deal about what we're bringing into our daily routine, Saat Senggang too, believe that everyone should have a high quality time to let our creativity flourish.

    During these uncertain times, we hope this hygiene-helper from Saat Senggang bersama dr soap could ease your personal care and household needs. You can easily spot it, grab it, and use it whenever you need.

    Available in 6 colours: Flame, Moss, Sky, Sand, Cloud, Pansy

    Product Options:
    - Hand Antiseptic Gel 60ml (Balcony Breeze/Iris Green)
    - Hand Antiseptic Spray 60ml (Urban Shee)
    - Toilet Seat Sanitizer 60ml (Cannary Row)
    - Gadget Sterilizer 60ml (Cannary Row)